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Expanding the specification
« on: April 23, 2014, 02:23:41 PM »
The specification although is fairly complete by functionality (it is an another matter how various functionalities are implemented, currently a lot on this field is still work in progress), it might call for some expansions later.

Some guides for this matter are here, representing my intentions with the system:

  • First and most important: No extension shall get through which could make viruses possible. That is applications shall have no means for affecting other applications or parts of the system except when explicitly allowed by the user. Some compromises may be made, but in overall the system should operate with full functionality even if the offending features are restricted.
  • No complex algorithms: an RRPGE implementation should remain small and simple, that's one of the greatest benefits of this system.
  • No convenience features (kernel calls) except if there is a very good reason to have them. The user library later however may provide such.
  • In general the extension must serve a reasonable purpose. Either something needed by most applications, or something without which something is simply impossible (mostly I think about certain types of input devices here).

Developer convenience issues will be addressed by a later developed User Library, some rough concepts on this may be read here. I have a good set of functionality already in my mind, but first some planning and architecture design is obviously necessary.

Regarding viruses the only possibility built into the RRPGE system to realize such is the File I/O interface. It is however designed in a manner that the application can indicate what type of file I/O it requires to operate, so normally the host may appropriately constrain it (or may even provide such an abstraction which does not even map to the real file system of the host).
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