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The RRPGE License
« on: April 23, 2014, 02:46:01 PM »
The intentions and goals of the RRPGE License

The RRPGE License is meant to be used on all critical RRPGE components, and also optionally on any other related project.

The license is crafted as an extension to version 3 of General Public License, as allowed by that license (in section 7). The purposes of this decision are as follows:
  • To have it GPL compatible, so the open source world can interface and use it without hassle. For this purpose it also includes some additional permissions so it can be relicensed and so combined in most GPL packages.
  • To base the license on a well established strong copyleft. This ensures that the RRPGE system stays free.
  • The path for making more or less closed RRPGE applications is crafted in this license as a permissive extension. This way no alternative licenses are required, so neither copyright assignment is necessary to make those possible later.
  • Since no copyright assignment is necessary, everyone contributing to RRPGE will "own" part of it. This makes the free state of the system more robust as there is no single person who could change the license to proprietary.

Plans and work on the RRPGE license may be followed here.
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