Author Topic: The implementation finally meets the specification  (Read 4756 times)


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The implementation finally meets the specification
« on: May 10, 2014, 03:13:08 PM »
After a longer run on the specification and the prototype library, finally the library part of the latter came up to implement everything critical.

With this in the current stage hopefully the fundamentals are set, well established. The host part of the prototype still needs work (to expose some input controllers and a file system abstraction), but at least now it is in reach.

This is a quite important milestone since by completing it, finally it becomes viable to write tools on the RRPGE system itself, which I already planned, but put aside due to this problem. Next milestone is hopefully something what actually shows off stuff, such as some functional game map editor.

Meanwhile I also took some time to explore the state of web technologies, and the situation appears to be rather interesting! Javascript, despite it being a hideous language, seems to take off with JIT compilation, to reach somewhat nearer to native performance. First thoughts was that then, okay, need to plan out the works on bringing RRPGE onto the web itself with a functional JavaScript based emulator. Further research however showed that probably even this is rather unnecessary as even tools to compile C into JavaScript (well, JavaScript-ish) seem to surface, such as Emscripten. Maybe it is not even a far fetched dream at all?