Author Topic: Specification version 00.010.000 is up  (Read 4668 times)


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Specification version 00.010.000 is up
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:49:52 PM »
The RRPGE Specification was updated today, to alpha version 00.010.000.

Currently there is no assembler, emulator or examples for it, just the specification somewhat finished, as viewable on it's GitHub page:

It changes things radically to previous versions, so I decided to release it before going through all the extra work with the implementations (which work of course is quite likely to pinpoint problems in the new specs as well, so it is almost certain that patch versions will follow).

The most important change is the removal of paging from the application's point of view. This alone was enough to turn the whole thing upside down, however solving problems many things could be simplified (both from the user's point and the implementation's point).

A change which was "in the air" since months for me which this made mandatory to get through is some redesign on the audio side which eventually grew into a separate Peripheral side combining audio, video, and 4 MBytes of RAM in one unit working independently of the CPU. Compared to the previous concept this adds a good amount of flexibility as now the whole peripheral memory may be used at will for either purpose (audio or video) unlike in the previous concepts having three distinct areas of memory (Video RAM; CPU RAM accessible to Audio; CPU RAM inaccessible to Audio).

In overall new features weren't really introduced (it is not a goal since long), just what was required to solve the problems. The primary goal was simplification, which the new specification for now seems to succeed in.

Well, if there was anyone fiddling with the system already, bad news! Now you can start over (well, not entirely, but almost)! I say your problem since you didn't feed back!