Author Topic: System status, 2014.04.23  (Read 3699 times)


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System status, 2014.04.23
« on: April 23, 2014, 03:17:31 PM »
So what got locked, what may still change?

  • The RRPGE CPU is likely settled. It was completed long before the public alpha opening, and no changes were necessary ever since.
  • The Graphics Accelerator's functionalities are likely mostly complete, however while designing some experimental graphics engines, I am still applying minor tweaks on it, changing the interface from times to times. Major changes are very unlikely.
  • The Mixer is something I think complete, it is rather simple and functional. However I have no proficiency in music, so I can't know for sure. If you are interested, experiment and feed back.
  • The constant and initialization data is likely complete, but minor tweaks in the RRPGE Incremental palette's first 32 colours may happen, and the colours including and above index 64 might be drastically shuffled around.
  • Parts which currently have no completed implementation in the RRPGE Minimal library are still work in progress, most notably the input interface.

If interested, just ask here. Locking one or another part of the RRPGE specification may be brought forth or delayed depending on interest: mostly there are no cross dependencies, so if interested in a part, just note, and I may shift work towards completing that.

The general plan now is working on game mockups which will settle the graphics subsystem, and later the input system. As I feel necessary I might bring forth matters regarding filesystem I/O (to produce tools), so that part might also be nearer, but likely after the input devices.