Author Topic: Specification 00.016.000 is up with printf  (Read 4212 times)


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Specification 00.016.000 is up with printf
« on: March 12, 2015, 10:39:01 PM »
Finally one big thing accomplished: RRPGE now has text output features!

This version of the specification took quite long time and lots of effort, however incremental effort this time. So many things changed, tuned, by little steps, observing results as they went. The major part behind was the printf implementation, and the related character reader and writer facilities, along with producing basic UTF support. The realized architecture is quite flexible: it allows for inserting user modules at either the source or the target, so for example printf could operate on whatever character writer the user desires (including for example writing text back in the RAM instead of outputting on the screen).

Important changes meanwhile were the fine-tuning of the CPU by the experiences so far, along with some tweaks on the Accelerator and Mixer behaviors so they are more useful.

This version however won't live for too long, I just needed to have a milestone here to polish things together to keep things reasonably tidy. 00.017.000 will likely come next, with even more changes on different fields, such as introducing some audio features and polishing the filesystem concepts including the application binary to serve better the likely needs.

However, with these, the examples might at last catch up, by that I can weed out the remaining stuff from the 00.009.000 specification (memory banking), which will allow for a proper binary release. Likely getting nearer to eventual stability, as well.