Author Topic: Processwiring on the horizon?  (Read 5114 times)


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Processwiring on the horizon?
« on: March 12, 2015, 10:55:21 PM »
Well, I have to admit, this place is a mess as it stands. Some sloppy front page with a default theme Simple Machines forum, look inviting, eh? Never got the time and guts to start some real design here...

Recently I was researching on what I could do in this term if I wanted a robust, expandable site in the longer run which won't just fall apart. I had experiences with Drupal in the past, and not good ones. I checked Drupal 8, and while it is definitely better, it still smells like I won't want it here. Symphony CMS (the thing powering my personal site,, despite that I like it, just won't work out too well: it is quite limited asking for a hell of work for my needs with this place. I also looked at Joomla, and just a glimpse at WordPress, after reading someone coining the term "Drumlapress", which I think somewhat accurately describes how these things are the same bloated mess from the point of someone who would like to fine-tune how his site should behave.

Then came ProcessWire, which pretty much feels like what will be the solution here. I like it's approach, kind of similar to Symphony CMS, just with PHP for building up the look and feel of the site, and seems quite evolved already, such as having a concept of users which I need here. Of course the real decision is farther down on the trail of experimenting, but at least I now have something promising.

Of course then this stuff here will be ditched altogether... So despite I would like to have people here, maybe it's just not a great idea until I put together the core of a new site. This will likely come after the release of 00.017.000, which will likely be the version which would worth more attention.
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