Author Topic: Specification 00.018.000 is up, with binaries  (Read 4109 times)


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Specification 00.018.000 is up, with binaries
« on: October 01, 2015, 09:53:19 PM »
The 00.018.000 version is basically a milestone within a larger set of changes, so some further work will come.

What makes it noteworthy is that I finally updated the binary downloads on the front page along with it, carrying a proper set of example programs. So the examples are no longer in a state of mess after the jump from 00.009.002 to 00.010.000 a year ago (when the memory paging was gone, breaking several of them).

An important change still on the horizon is revising the application binary format, adapting a blocking concept to make it more robust and easier to handle. It won't have any CRC or hash code with that, in contexts necessary, a separate SHA-256 may easily be provided with an app. file.

Otherwise the user library is mostly in focus, currently to build support functions for the audio subsystem, for mixing.