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Fair usage policy
« on: April 23, 2014, 02:11:25 PM »
You may use the RRPGE logo for the following purposes:

  • In reference to RRPGE in text material (such as articles, blog posts etc), or with fair intentions in non-interactive context (such as still pictures, movie clips).
  • In example RRPGE applications demonstrating the possible uses of the system or general algorithms, distributed under a license actually permitting these types of uses.
  • In reference to RRPGE in other software works (including RRPGE applications) if the referential or artistic purpose is clear and is an integral part of the work.

You must not use the RRPGE logo on the startup of any computer program (excluding example applications as above). This type of use is regarded as a source of confusion for the users possibly misidentifying the environment the application executes in a well-behaving RRPGE implementation. Exceptions from this may only raised if the program in question has a very definite and acceptable artistic quality to justify for this.