Author Topic: Intended uses of the RRPGE dragon  (Read 4121 times)


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Intended uses of the RRPGE dragon
« on: April 23, 2014, 02:13:58 PM »
The plans on the uses of the RRPGE dragon logo.

I (and later the organization) may allow the uses of the RRPGE logo primarily for various implementations (hosts) and related tools on the ground of quality and good intentions towards the concepts of RRPGE.

  • Emulators (software hosts) may use it at start clearly showing the user that the emulator conforms well the RRPGE specification and (if possible on the given system) will not complain for loading any application.
  • Real hardware implementations whose primary purpose is to realize RRPGE may use it on their box or cover on the same ground.
  • Tools may show it indicating their strong relationship with RRPGE if they behave properly, in general in a beneficial way to the system.

The RRPGE dragon won't be permitted to be used by any implementation if it restricts the user from running any freely distributable application or any (non-free) application he legally owns. Exceptions are only made if the underlaying system itself requires such restrictions, and on the following base:

  • A compile-together solution (where an application is distributed compiled together with an RRPGE host and library) may get the permission to use the RRPGE logo if the application also justifies for it.
  • A generic RRPGE host may only gain permission if it does not discriminate along the applications the user may acquire for it (that is for example if each application needs an additional fee, that fee is calculated irrespective of the application itself, and any existing RRPGE application may be purchased).

RRPGE related tools should be open source to get the permission to use the logo. Whatever task they perform, they should do it that the result conforms well the RRPGE specification.