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Basic principles of the organization


Founding an organization for RRPGE is still a long way to go, however the intentions with it are here to be clear.

The roles of the organization would be roughly the followings:

* Maintaining the RRPGE specification, standardizing the broader environment, so raising the interoperability of RRPGE implementations.
* Developing software to support RRPGE: libraries, hosts (emulators), and tools (such as from assemblers to high level game makers).
* Developing hardware solutions (if ever).
* Providing web surfaces for publishing RRPGE applications, such as an RRPGE application store.
* Supporting third-party RRPGE related projects (including general open source), and RRPGE application development.
* If such need should ever arise, to take legal actions against violators.
The construction of it should be brought up according to the non-profit principles, with meeting all the financial and organizational transparency requirements a proper non-profit organization meets. To determine what would be the best will need (probably a lot) further research, something I am unlikely to be able to do (due to my lack of knowledge and experience on these fields).


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