Author Topic: Works on the specification, 16th April, 2014  (Read 4175 times)


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Works on the specification, 16th April, 2014
« on: April 16, 2014, 02:10:25 PM »
While I am experimenting with the 2D capabilities of the system creating some generic graphics libraries to pave the path for some initial game mock ups, I also got to outline some new concepts which will be introduced in the next version of the specification.

  • Probably the most important is console support, which is one of the major features necessary to make RRPGE capable of producing simple tools (so people interested in the system don't need to create platform-specific tools for themselves unless they want), and will greatly help debugging with implementations not having any specific debug support (which will likely stay this way for long).
  • The file system interface (except the application binary load feature) will change to support arbitrary file load / save from a pool provided by the host. This is also quite important for designing tools (and probably even simple game editors within RRPGE itself). With this the nonvolatile save feature will pass away, which also means an update to the RRPGE license (it refers to the NV saves), so in overall the system is going to become simpler with the change.
  • The controller interface undergoes some major changes streamlining the component, also making it capable to interface a keyboard properly. This again helps a lot in directing RRPGE towards becoming an old style computer rather than a game console, helping the design of tools.
  • Minor tweaks on the RRPGE Incremental palette as I experiment with game designs.

In overall major changes are in my TODO pool, but ones which likely make the system even simpler and way more powerful. The primary realization driving me towards this path is that to actually get games complete, one needs tools. Tools face the same problems on today's technologies like games, probably even more if one just hacks them together. They may easily bit rot away long before one wouldn't need it any more encumbering actual game development. Then just why not make these possible as well, if the support for these is just within reach?